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Making sure that your service needs are meet is very important to us. Valley Wide Solar, the installer that installed your system, is no longer servicing solar water heaters. However, not worry, we have  a great replacement for you recommended by the manufacture of your system that will be happy to take over the service on your solar water heater. By filling out the service request below, you authorize us to transfer your information to your new service provider.

You have the finest Solar Water Heater made by Americans in America and we want to make sure that you and your solar investment is well taken care off. With proper care and maintenance your solar investment will continue to help you reduce your energy usage for many years to come.

First off let’s do a quick review of the different types of service that is commonly needed at different times, who is responsible for that service, and then how you can get the service you need.

The Types of service needed can be broken down into 3 different categories;

  1. Manufacture; defective panel, pump, or electronics, etc., that is covered under the manufacture’s Your manufacture is really good about replacing any parts (they do not cover labor) covered under the warranty at no cost to you. You can replace the parts yourself or you can hire a solar plumber to replace them for you for their normal service call rates. If the part needed is out of warranty, then you would be responsible for the service call and the replacement part.
  2. Installation; defect uncovered within 2 yrs after installation ie; a mistake made during installation that needs to be corrected. This is the responsibility of the solar plumbing company that installed your system and they will take care of that for you for no charge. If they are not able to service you or they are not around any longer, and it is within 2 yrs of when your system was installed, then contact us and we will help you.
  3. Customer Responsibility; Damage to your system by someone or acts of god that most would be covered by most home owners insurance ie; High wind, freezing, etc., normal and regular maintenance ie; adding fluid to your system as needed is the most common one, or simply wanting someone to come out and check out your system or explain your system to you in person or answer questions on how to maintain your system, etc..

In order for us to help you get your solar water heater serviced by an authorized Fafco service provider, please fill out the service request form below; giving us permission to forward your personal and product information to a Fafco service provider that services your area. – Thank You.

For service for your Solar Hot Water Heater, please fill out the request form below;

Terms and Service Agreement:

By clicking the “I Agree” box and submitting the information below, I agree to the following; This agreement is between the customer listed below, hereafter referred to as Customer, and the Authorized Fafco Service Company, hereafter referred to as FSC, that charges for service calls and an hourly labor rate.

The customer purchased a Fafco Solar Hot Water Heater System that was installed by others. Customer is in need of service and requests the service to be performed by FSC.

Customer understands that any Fafco (manufacture) warranted parts that are covered by the manufactures warranty will be covered by Fafco, and the customer will be be responsible and agrees to pay FSC for the labor. For any parts not covered by Fafco, or parts out of the warranty period, Customer agrees to pay FSC for both parts and labor. Customer also authorizes the Pure Solar Now division of Home-Tec Int’L Inc. to release customers information to FSC.

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